Eagle Square - Price Rite

Every real estate development Feldco undertakes is borne of a desire to create a lasting asset that not only generates wealth, but also enriches the community in which it is located. In that regard, Feldco does not view the process of development concluding with construction and leasing. Rather, the company perceives the process as the beginning of the life of a property, whose success is primarily based on its ongoing care and maintenance.

In fact, one of the signature elements of a Feldco development is the pristine condition in which it is maintained. It is not acceptable to have garbage strewn about a parking lot or a light bulb missing. Every detail is critical, and, as such, the Company inspects its properties continuously. Maintenance issues such as parking lot striping or building repairs are not deferred until a problem or complaint arises, but proactively fixed or upgraded. In short, the Company believes in preventive maintenance not simply fixing problems as they arise.

Feldco carefully selects all of its vendors and contract personnel to ensure they share the same commitment to quality and cost control. Many of the contractors have been employed by the Company for years, some decades, and know the properties as well as the principals. A clean and well-maintained environment not only provides for a more pleasant shopping experience, but also increases safety. As a company that builds its projects for the long-term, maintaining their condition is also essential to maintaining a good rapport with the local community.

If you have a question about property management, please contact Matt Caron.