Gateway Square Rendering


At its core, the Feldco family are “dirt developers.” In other words, the Company builds projects from the ground up. Whether it is raw land, a redeveloped facility or an assemblage of multiple, adjacent parcels, Feldco turns underutilized, poorly positioned or sometimes blighted pieces of real estate and transforms them into vibrant, commercial centers that enliven an area economically and socially by spurring change and needed growth.

In today’s competitive and saturated landscape, the ability to accomplish ground up development has never been more difficult. Smarter and more organized neighborhood and environmental groups demand that projects satisfy the requirements of a more complex and concerned world. Town and city governments are more diligent about the planning of their communities with respect to zoning and traffic, and tenants now compete on an international stage. To succeed requires experience, perseverance, personality, resources, insight and passion– all traits which aptly describe the Company.

Having been in business for over four decades, Feldco takes great pride in its unique ability to not only uncover or unleash intrinsically valuable locations, but also to successfully navigate the long and often arduous approval processes that development requires. In addition to Feldco’s expertise in site selection and permitting, its financing relationships, design sense and construction knowhow has enabled it to build or redevelop more than 100 projects, including retail properties of all types, office buildings and mixed-use properties that often include a residential component.


As a New England-based company, the range of development territory is anywhere that the principals can drive to within a day’s time. In that regard, the appetite for development runs from the mid-Atlantic region to Maine. However, Feldco’s core areas of interest are the New York and Boston metro markets, where it currently owns and manages property, and has new developments underway.

In those urban markets, the Company typically looks for parcels, preferably corner lots, of at least 40,000 square feet that are zoned to allow retail as of right, and another use, if possible, to afford a mixed-use opportunity. In the more suburban areas, it seeks sites off or along major highways or roads that are also properly zoned for commercial development. In these markets, Feldco typically looks for parcels that are at least six acres and that have excellent access preferably at a traffic light. In either case, it focuses on population density and opportunities that will extend its tenants’ reach into untapped markets. As a tenant-driven firm that does not build on speculation, Feldco possesses strong and long-standing relationships with many, major retailers and thus understands their needs and how to best achieve them.

Once Feldco has identified a location, the Company works closely with its design team, anchor tenant(s) and community stakeholders to create the right project for that particular location, taking into account its specific social, economic and environmental needs. Nevertheless, every project bears a personal stamp, as the family ingratiates itself into every community in which it builds. For in the end, developing real estate is not simply creating physical structures that allow for shopping, working or living, but it is really about shaping and enhancing communities.

To share a development opportunity with the Company, please contact Greg Feldman.