Expressway Plaza

One of Feldco’s business initiatives is to acquire and reposition underperforming or distressed properties in New England, the New York metro area and the Mid-Atlantic region. Property types include anchored shopping centers and mixed-use developments in high density, middle-to-high income markets that offer an opportunistic or value-add situation. Redevelopment might come in the form of building expansion, a shift in leasing or tenant mix, physical upgrading, anchor tenant enhancement, improved management, increased marketing, loan restructuring or refinancing subsequent to completion of some or all of these initiatives.

The Company seeks to either purchase assets directly from current ownership or from financial institutions holding mortgages on assets that cannot make their debt service payments. Moreover, Feldco would also look at assuming loan positions from banks who desire to eliminate non-performing debt from their books.

With strong tenant relationships, both at the national and regional level and immediate access to private or institutional capital, Feldco has the ability to readily redevelop assets and manage their ongoing performance through its in house management team. The Company possesses exceptional construction expertise to accurately project and devise strategies for redevelopment and the marketing insight to understand the right path to maximize value.

To share an asset with the Company, please contact Greg Feldman.